We set out to change the way in which sports netting was made, and we did just that. Since 1997, we’ve been refining our craft to bring you the most advanced sports netting systems in the world today.

We are not just net builders, we are craftsmen.

By combining our experience of six generations of Commercial Fishermen with the most technically advanced netting systems, we can ensure that our netting systems are second to none.

We use Dyneema®, an ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (HMPE), for all of our advanced netting designs. It is the most lightest, most durable UV stabilized and moisture resistant netting in the world. By using Dyneema we require less poles per range installation. A 900' Dyneema rage has 13 poles at 75ft O/C compared to 19 poles at 50ft O/C for a regular netted range, thus reducing overall costs yet providing the highest quality net available. Because of the reduced wind loading allowing wider pole spans, it is not only practical but much more visually appealing.



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